Dumpster Rental for Roofing Repairs

Dumpster Rental for Roofing Repairs

Fast, Professional Service for Roofing Materials and Shingle Disposal

Whether you’re a roofing contractor or an individual homeowner in the metro Atlanta region, Grogan Waste Services can eliminate your waste roofing shingles and construction materials affordably with our shingle dumpster rental service.

Dumpster rental for roofing jobs roof repair replacement

One Call and Your Roofing Waste is Gone!

Make one call to 770-889-6063 and your roll-off dumpster arrives at your commercial or residential location ready for loading. Delivery is based on your schedule, not ours. When the dumpster is ready for removal, call us and we’ll be over to pick it up promptly. You don’t even need to be there when the dumpster is removed.

Roofing waste removal with Grogan Waste dumpsters
Photo credit: Dana Dean Roofing Company - Raleigh NC Roofer via VisualHunt.com / CC BY-ND

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What Size Roofing Dumpster Do I Need?

Grogan Waste Services has roll-off dumpsters for any commercial or residential roof tear-off job. For typical residential reroofing projects, we have a special sized dumpster that fits in tight spaces out of the way and is gently placed (not dropped) exactly where you want it. The lightweight container is delivered by a short truck (shown in the video to the right) and does not break driveways. Call Grogan Waste to determine the dumpster needed for your shingle disposal job.

What Materials Can Go Into My Rental Dumpster?

We accept all types of construction or repair materials used in roofing projects for houses, commercial buildings, apartments and industrial facilities such as asphalt shingles, metal and slate roofing tiles. We also accept flashing, tar paper, nails, caulking, plywood, etc. and any other construction rubbish.

Please note that the weight of shingles varies with the type of material. Please contact Grogan Waste for a FREE QUOTE on the proper sized rental dumpster needed for your roofing project. (Watch out for low-cost dumpster quotes from competitors where ‘weight overage fees’ can occur when it’s time to remove the 'overloaded' dumpster from your property.)

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10 Great Ways Grogan Waste Could Help Improve Your Bottom Line

Save Money

Save Money on Gas Driving to and from the Dump

Driving your truck to the landfill costs a lot of fuel depending on how far the dump is from the re-roof or roof repair project. If you have a diesel vehicle, fuel costs can be even higher. By having Grogan’s remove shingle and roofing waste, you can put that fuel money right back into your pocket where it belongs.

Save on Employee Labor Cost

Save on Employee Labor Cost

According to labor statistics, roofers make $18.54/hour. With just one employee making a run to the dump and assuming the wait time in line to dump moves quickly, a round trip can easily take 2 ½ hours (minimum) costing $46.35/dump. Why not keep valuable employees on the job making you money instead of costing you running to the dump?


Save Money on Wear and Tear on Your Vehicles and Trailers

Driving with heavy roofing debris puts additional wear and tear on your vehicles resulting in higher expenses such as more frequent oil changes, maintenance and unexpected repairs. Using IRS mileage rates, a 60-mile roundtrip landfill run costs $34.50 in wear and tear on a vehicle alone. Help take the hidden costs out of your business with one of Grogan’s roll-off containers. Speak with one of Grogan’s owners at 770-889-6063 and get a FREE QUOTE on your roofing project.


Save Money on Tire Repairs and Replacement

We all know that landfills are full of nails and sharp metal objects that can blow a hole in the tread or sidewall of a heavily loaded vehicle. A new tire costs $120 – $275 per tire plus labor and possible roadside assistance expense. Don’t let a flat tire blow a hole in your profits! Contact us to speak with a knowledgeable waste disposal professional at Grogan Waste Services.


Eliminate DOT Tarping Fines

If you do not tarp your truck or trailer, DOT fines in Georgia can reach $250 or more depending on the county where you get pulled over. The expense can be higher if it is a repeat offense wiping out profits for the job in no time.


Reduce Exposure to Potential Lawsuits and Higher Insurance Costs

With trips to the dump eliminated using Grogan Waste Services on your roofing replacement job, the likelihood of potential traffic accidents or damage caused by roofing materials flying out of your dump vehicle is reduced.


Eliminate Waste Dumping Fees

Dumping fees can range from $20/ton to $80/ton depending on your landfill location. With just one call to Grogan’s, you can forget about waste dumping fees and improve cash flow.


Increase Worker Productivity

Once you toss the shingles, roofing nails, plywood and whatever else needs to go into the dumpster, consider it gone. Worker productivity is increased because they never have to touch it again, giving back time to focus on reroofing the structure.

10 reasons to use Grogan Waste Services

Keep the Crew on the Job

If the landfill closes at 5 p.m., and it’s one hour away from the job site, an employee must leave the roof early by at least 3:30 p.m. to make it in time. And don’t forget traffic jams or road construction delays! Do this two or three times per week and it becomes equivalent to paying wages for a worker who does not do any work. Ouch! Plus, other roofers back on the job need a container for dumping waste materials in to as they continue working. Contact Grogan Waste Services to speak with a knowledgeable waste disposal professional and keep your crew on the job site where they belong.

10 reasons to use Grogan Waste Services

Make a Good Impression with Customers for Referrals

No one likes making trips to the dump because it smells horrible. Trucks get dirty and take on unpleasant landfill odors requiring frequent washing. Make a professional impression on your customers and get more referrals to neighbors by using one of our dumpsters in place of your truck.

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Why Use Grogan Waste Services?

Grogan Waste Services is the leading locally-owned waste hauler and recycling company in the metro Atlanta area. Back in 1952 when the company began, Grogan started with a single basic principle that is followed by owners Jim Grogan and Chris Grogan today:

“Provide Top-Quality, Professional Service at a Fair Price.”

Chris Grogan and his father Jim Grogan - Owners of Grogan Waste Services

Grogan Waste Services is ready to supply roofing contractors and homeowners with a dumpster rental solution to remove construction waste quickly and efficiently.

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